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How Smoking Kills Intimacy and Learning How To Alleviate Such Problem

There really are just a number of personalities that people have among themselves and one trait that people least desires is being into smoking. Right off the bat, just before a smoker is to involve themselves into a relationship, they already are putting themselves into a risk, especially to a partner in a relationship, should their partner be not into smoking. One of the most obvious things that will be at risk is not just the relationship alone but smokers will then put their partners in a dangerous scenario, having a smoker to be around with a non-smoker partner.

Technically speaking, the general point of which is to relay that the relationship will definitely be in rough ride on a daily basis, unless the smoking habit is put down. But what if this is something that just could not be stopped but also finds the relationship to be a pearl and a treasure?

For you to be able to assure that you will achieve such, we will not just talk about the possible risks of smoking in ruining a relationship but also a getaway move that saves both from having to break up.
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One of the things that will then be put to risk is the overall reproductive health of the smoker since cigarette smoking right away affects the sperm count and quality of which. Furthermore, the hormone concentrations in men will be affected on a large scale as well. There really are just more than just that because technically speaking, this also leads to impotence and erectile dysfunction for men. On the flip side, women’s reproductive organs will also be affected, risking miscarriage and even giving birth to a child that is unhealthy on a general scale.
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Another possible thing why smoking kills intimacy is because of possible secondhand smoke, which, really is dangerous, especially to those who are at risk of such. When you are to look into the general idea, regardless if either or both are smokers, the possibilities of having problems with your child will be high.

For those who are in a relationship and have been having problems with smoking, electric cigarettes should help alleviate and save the relationship. Basically speaking, these electric cigarettes help couple who are having problems with smoking in a way that it right away removes the risks the smoke has in the first place and also assure that this don’t have the damaging chemicals like that of a real cigarette.