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Physical Benefits of Stand up Paddleboards Stand up paddleboards (SUP) warrant that a person can burn up to eight hundred calories in one hour and the reason why its popularity has skyrocketed recently. To think that there used to be only few SUP races, and now there are already more than a hundreds of events. Though it was indeed originally an ancient transportation method for cities surround by bodies of water, it got its start as a water sport in Hawaii. Since almost anyone can do the sport, enthusiasts have come to love the sport. SUP isn’t as easy as it looks. In this sport you remain standing on an unsteady surface while paddling something taller than you. To remain balanced on top of the surface you need to use every muscle on your body. It used to be that only ocean dweller did SUP, but today even those living beyond the coasts are doing it already. People from the inland lakes, river, and private ponds use stand up paddleboards. There was a time when stand up paddleboards as a sport was though of only as a fad, but today people have realized that it is great for exercise, for races, for yoga, or a fun ride with your pet. It take muscle to do stand up paddleboards that is why it is important to build your muscles first whether you want to join the fun or to burn up calories with it. For balance and flexibility are the muscles that you need to use for SUP. You can build your muscles before doing the activity or if you simply want to have fun then you can teach your muscles right there and then to keep you up.
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If you have larger paddleboard, then anybody can really use it and have a good time on board. Any one from age eleven to eighty can do this, since this is a low-impact alternative to running or walking from aerobic exercise. You only need a short learning curve for this activity and this is the reason why people of all ages and abilities can have the same fun in the water.
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Sometimes people need to give their bodies a break from very strenuous exercises like running, contact sports, and others. with low-impact workouts our bodies can take it easier especially the joints, and it will still be a heart-pumping workout but with a reduced risk level. While it is good for cardio workout, this activity is also an anaerobic workout good for strengthening your muscles and joints. You can also build your body’s functional strength through SUP. Rowing can build up your upper body and balancing can build up your lower body.