Commentators are an important element in a football game, but often do not get attention. Instead of listening to commentators ‘comments, many football fans chose to change television channels with other events as local commentators’ commentary sessions were taking place. They consider the ball event to be started after the kick-off occurs, not when the football reviews event begins. Tragic indeed. In fact, it can’t be denied that football commentators are actually also a crucial key in determining the success rate of a football show event, both nationally and internationally. What causes viewers not to be interested in following a football review session? Advertisement! Patient. It’s annoying. But often also because the quality of commentators who do not meet the standards.

In this opportunity I will give a little picture about the terms and standards that must be owned by a football commentator , may be useful.
Requirements of Being a Football Commentator:

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  1. Know the characteristics and the historicity of the players from the Competing Club

It is not uncommon for a football commentator to review line-ups or formations handed down by the coach of the competing team. Recognizing the characteristics of players will help football connoisseurs to understand how to read the strategy being carried by their beloved team. It seems to guide football lovers, to know the quality of a team’s depth, through formation analysis, core players and substitutes, the potential for changes in formation and even strategy philosophy. In addition, it is also important to recognize the historicity or the history of the player. Not infrequently, the way and style of a player’s game is influenced by his past experience. There are certain players, coaches or leagues who have them to become players like this. Historical is also the key to facilitate supporters of a team to recognize internal emotional responses that occur in the field.

  1. Have statistical data related to the club and players who are competing

There are three lies in this world. The first is statistics, the second is statistics, and the third is statistics. Statistics are often questionable. Paradoxically, however, statistical data often helps the audience to know the particular attributes that are appealingly presented.

  1. Have verbal skills: Includes vocabulary, sound intonation and event dramatization

The ability to speak is a must-have capability of a commentator. I hope that television stations pay close attention to and select this matter strictly. Why? Because there are still many TV stations in the country who (deliberately) invite certain commentators who do not have good verbal skills. His language is complicated and difficult to understand, flowering languages ​​(e.g. : more honestly Even some of them do not understand football. So true. Not infrequently the artists, and even uninformed political figures are invited only to boost the popularity of the show and “cool the eyes”. This is of course unfortunate. Important elements discussed about verbal skills are vocabulary, sound intonation and the ability to dramatize events. Vocabulary should be broad with a variety of creative. Where might the audience be interested to hear 90 minutes of talking commentators

  1. Did not make a mistake mentioning the player’s name

The commentator is also human. Errors can be made. But if mistakes are made repeatedly, it is definitely an embarrassing chronic disease. Imagine if the commentator several times made a mistake to mention the name of the player during the game.

“A hard kick from the word of messi this time. ehm .. Lionel Messi I mean. ”
“This time it’s a tough little tackle from zidane. It’s obviously a Violation !!! And produce a yellow card this time for zidan!
(And a few seconds later came the info-box that the offender was ronaldo). Sorry viewers, I mean ronaldo. ”

  1. Knowing certain off-field events that are potentially related to the game

A plus point for commentators if he also knows the latest gossip about conditions off the pitch before the game. For example, A has just received grief over the death of his brother, or the B who just became a father, and other facts that enrich the knowledge of football lovers.

  1. Be neutral and not one-sided

As a football commentator, I believe they also have favorite teams and players. However, it is mandatory for them to have professionalism to remain one-sided. He should give an appreciation to the victory of the law team