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Intrigues as EPL Comes to the End

Definitely, the end of EPL will be interesting. Events do not let become just any other season. No team has Leicester City’s last seasons fairytale. Their performance in the Champions league were awesome; reaching the quarterfinals. Even regulars including Arsenal and Manchester City failed to get into the quarterfinals. Consistently, Chelsea- representing the blue side of London- has been at the top of the table for sometime now. The strength of the runners up to dislodge them is low.

The top four positions are now the focus of both analysts and participating teams. Finishing in the top four positions comes with a ticket to take part in champions league football next season. The first and second positions are grabbed with Tottenham and Chelsea. Four teams have to battle it out for the two remaining slots. The arrival of Antonio Conte changed Chelsea in many ways. The new coach cam with new systems and formations. Discipline was missing during Jose Mourinho’s fateful last season at Stamford Bridge. The performance has been consistent since they received a beating from Arsenal in October.

Tottenham season has many features such as fast-paced football, ability to score many goals and use of counter attacks. So far, they are sure of Champions League football. Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal have t sharpen their tools to secure the two slots. The teams have equal chances of taking the two positions. Sixth and Europa football is gone with Everton.

Things appear rosy for Liverpool. The remaining three games are easier for Liverpool. The only threat is that competitors have games in hand. Guardiola’s Manchester City is in the form of the season and with two more games in hand, they can leapfrog Liverpool to third. Manchester City only need to win all their games and they finish third.

The steeple for Manchester United is longer. The team finds itself in a dilemma. They are playing in Stockholm, Sweden in the Europa League final. The prize comes with Champions League Football. The team wants this. The shortest route to the competition is winning the Europa League. With Tottenham one of the opponents to face, Jose Mourinho is likely to prioritize the Europa League trophy.

Assessing the case for Arsenal is rib cracking. The boss is the most experienced coach in EPL. It is difficult to understand why newcomers such as Conte come and dominate him. For the first time, Mourinho lost to Wenger. It will be history if Wenger fails to qualify for Champions League. The fight is big and worth for finishing among the top four in EPL.