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What Gear is Required for Wrestling Competitions? Wrestling, just like other sports, requires that you wear proper protective gear. Nowadays the market is full of wrestling apparel. Wearing the right wrestling gear is important to protect you from any bodily injuries during the match. You might be new to the sport and in the dark about what is needed. Just so you know, you only require a few items to get going with the sport. These requirements may vary according to the type of game. The following are some of the important wrestling gear you’ll need before entering a wrestling match, especially if you’re a beginner: Headgear This kit is often worn around the head. It is useful for guarding your chin and ears. A majority of blows during a wrestling match are targeted towards the ear. Your ear is a very sensitive organ and you must protect it even while wrestling. The most common ear complication that arises from blows is the cauliflower ear. It is characterized by a permanent swelling around the delicate region of your ear as a result of burst blood vessels.
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These are recognized as the official wrestling attire to wear in a competition. Their material is predominantly nylon and spandex. These are the most preferred materials because they are hard to get hold of during a match. Singlets are designed to fit wrestlers tightly. They are available in varying shapes such as the fila-cut, the low-cut and the high-cut. Alternatively, you can get a reversible singlet with a twin color combination. The wrestling shoe These have an appearance akin to athletics shoes. They are very light and elastic, to give you maximum comfort during the match. Be sure to get official wrestling shoes prior to the competition. In some instances, you might be allowed to wrestle in ordinary gym shoes, especially in lower level matches for the youth. You must wear official wrestling shoes to enter sanctioned wrestling competitions. You can obtain official wrestling shoes for a price range of between $30 and $130. Extra gear Knee and elbow pads primarily shield your joints and limbs from injury when you fall. They are uniquely designed to allow free movement. These pads contain soft cushioning on the inside to avert the possibility of any severe wounds. Mouth guards are necessary for shielding your mouth from any cuts or injuries. You might need a blood rag to help clean yourself up when the need arises. It is recommended that each wrestler keeps this beneath their singlet. As a male wrestler, you are advised to put on jockstraps to ensure your genitalia is protected. You also need to consider head masks, head coverings and braces. You should be shielding your face and hair during the match. You also need to obtain lace covers before the match to prevent them from untying.