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Merits of Cycling A scientific study has shown that exercise boosts brainpower and helps to stave off Alzheimer’s in the elderly and in the same year that the survey was done another renown doctor revealed that kids are even more positively impacted by cycling and the exercise can aid to control issues like ADD. Cycling has been scientifically shown to improve the pain associated with conditions in elderly people such as knee pain and osteoarthritis, but this only worked when the old people were introduced to cycling in their normal routines and so long as the old people frequently cycled even for some minutes in a day can be very beneficial. The other benefit of cycling is that it improves the heart and a recent study that was conducted over five years and involved 1500 respondents showed that the respondents that were active on a daily basis were 31% less likely to get high blood pressure. Cycling also has an impact on the person’s appearance and in a survey that was done among 600 women and men that was done by a famous heart foundation showed that cyclists as 13% cooler and intelligent than other people and slightly more than a fifth of the respondents said that they would prefer to go on a date with an athlete. A major benefit of cycling is weight loss because most mainstream media shows that dieting is the most efficient way to shed fat but science has shown that older diabetic women could reduce their visceral fat if they exercise and a diet is included in their routine and the same results were also noted for younger women. Ensuring that one maintains a healthy weight, regularly exercising and being cautious with one’s diet by eating a lot of vegetables, lean proteins and healthy cereals also aids to reduce the risk of cancer and a scientific study also showed that people that had higher fitness levels as they approached their middle age had a decreased risk of developing lung and colorectal cancer. Cycling assists the individual to improve their self-esteem and it has been shown that exerting oneself during cycling the body will release endorphins that will improve the feel good feelings of the patient.
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In regard to a study of cyclists involved in famous marathons in the past cycling was shown to increase their longevity and the findings revealed that the former cycling pros lived almost ten years more than the general population, which is almost a 20% increase, and another study showed that the benefits even applied to people that shift from using cars to using bicycles and for them they could gain three to fourteen months more.5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Reviews