Why Bats Aren’t As Bad As You Think

How to Choose a Baseball Bat

What do you think is the best baseball bat? When you just visited a sporting goods store, then this is fairly an easy question.

There are a lot of baseball bat manufacturers today and gone are those days wherein there is only one baseball manufacturer, it is also today that there more options from that of a single wooden bat in the past.

Since there are a lot of different manufacturers for baseball bats today, there are also manufacturing bats of different compositions. We also must understand that we buy baseball bats for us to determine what the best baseball bat for the players.
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Wooden bats are still available today, but there are other three types of baseball bats that are separated into three categories and these are Aluminum, Graphite/Titanium lined bats so let us try to examine and check what are the pros and cons of each bats associated to the materials used.
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Aluminum baseball bats are of course made of Aluminum and are light weight, this allows the player to have better control of the bat and bat speed through its hitting zone. The aluminum type of bat has a lot of benefits especially for those player with age, this is also good for young players who wanted to learn the basics and the mechanics of hitting.
In order to increase the size of the bat’s sweet zone, there are various mixtures such as magnesium, zinc, copper and aluminum as this will also makes the bat more tolerant every swing wherein the ball is not accomplished. With this type of bat, it also makes the ball travel farther as compared to that of a traditional bats.

Graphite/titanium lining on the other hand is basically aluminum bat but the amount of aluminum has been reduced on the barrel end which is then replaced by a graphite/titanium lining around the barrel. It is already known that the aluminum bat is light, but with the replacement of graphite and titanium the bat becomes more lighter and the player will have much better control of the bat as well as increase bat speed through the hitting zone.

Since the lining of the bat has been replaced with graphite/titanium, this also increases the durability of the bat and it also increases the bat’s integrity on its sweet spot. The intention of the manufacturer is to provide better control of the bat, but this is also the reason why this type of can are easily ruined. And because of the increase bat speed through its hitting zone as well as the increased velocity and speed where the ball comes off the bat, it then becomes a safety issue for the infielders most especially the pitcher and the third base.