I’ve been a football fan for as long as I can remember. And I can attest to how enthralling watching a football game is. I mean, there’s so much strategic action, drama, and thrill that it’s almost as fun as watching a really good movie. No, scratch that. It’s actually much more fun than watching a movie. And I know many football fans would have the same thoughts as me.
Football is fun because it feels so alive. The players are real people who’ve had to go through real hardships in order to get to where they are. The pain and exhaustion they feel is no act and it numbs them to the bone. Even the desperation to win springs from the best (and worst) of their emotions and it swells them up inside. No movie can ever make you feel the same excitement as live sport does. It can try to outdo itself with all the CG effects and “realistic” acting but it can never come alive. Well, because it isn’t.
Don’t get me wrong though, I’m also a movie goer. I’m simply citing the difference in how two of my favorite things make me feel. Mushy as it may sound.
Recently however, I’ve found the “third” thing that I like. And it’s much more thrilling than watching football. I can’t say it has nothing to do with it though. What I found is still football, only this time it has a different surname – Football Betting.
What’s Football Betting?
Exactly how it sounds. It’s an activity where you put something precious at stake to show full support to your favorite team. And, well, to earn a little extra on the side.
Oh. So you mean gambling?
Yes, gambling may be a blunt way to put it. But hold your horses. Don’t judge me too quickly. It may sound a little devious but I have perfectly good reasons as to why I started this hobby. Or, “way of life” as I like to call it (lol).
Well, this time is good as any. Ready when you are!
You Show Team Spirit!
Okay. Not my best reason. But as a diehard football fan, I thought I may as well mention it. I mean there’s no better way to express loyalty to the team you’re rooting for than participating in a joint “competition” yourself, right? The only difference is that their competition is a test of skill, while yours is a test of luck. Even so, them losing also means you losing, so you get to empathize with their defeat – literally. Makes sense? No? Then, we’re moving to reason number two.
Bets Don’t Have To Be Too Grand
I’m not suggesting that you participate in an ultra-grand bet. You will not be betting your house or anything. It’s even up to your gang whether you will be betting something monetary or not. You can try betting in kind like your favorite CD, or favors like granting whoever wins one request. You can even bet your girlfriends, if you wanted to.
Wait, no. Don’t do it dude, she’ll kill you before the bet even starts.
Anyway, my point is that you can bet on anything – not just money. You can make it uniquely fun and exciting for you and your pals alone. But then again, it never hurts to earn the extra cash while supporting your home team.
The Competition Gets Personal
Football games are thrilling, for sure. But getting involved personally makes the game all the more exciting. Why? Because as I mentioned earlier, when your team loses – so do you. After all, there’s nothing more thrilling than being invested in a competition. It’s as if you, yourself, are playing. And you just got to win no matter what.
Speaking of winning, you might want to read some expert advice before you start betting on anything.
And that’s it. Those are my reasons. Football betting gives me a sense of thrill and excitement that is almost euphoric. It really gets me into the game. It makes me root for my team stronger. And when my team wins, I really get to feel that I did too – literally. And I tell you, there’s just no other feeling like it.
But losing also sucks. So it’s your call to make.