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French Bulldogs: Interesting Facts About Them That You Need To Know Of If you think that French Bulldogs are breed of dogs that came from France (due to the term “French” attached to the name), well, you need to disregard such thought since this particular dog breed originated in England. In England, French bulldogs are actually known as miniature bulldogs. It was in the year eighteen sixty’s when the very first existence of French bulldogs were recorded and that is due to the breeders of French dog bringing their dogs into the Great Britain and then crossed it or cross-bred it with French terriers. The said breed of dog was something that France found as something that they really are so fond of therefore, the very reason why the breed was named French Bulldogs. As a matte of fact, when the dogs were brought back to the Great Britain, there was a sort of conflict that happened since for the English people, dogs are very important as that is what symbolizes their culture. One of the distinctions between French bulldogs and English bulldogs is the fact that although they are some similarities with one another, French bulldogs are much smaller in comparison to the English bulldogs. French Bulldogs are also known for having ears that are considered as bat ears since they are not just long, but also erect. As a matter of fact, you can actually say that the ears of the French bulldogs are similar to the ones that Pugs have and also, they have a powerful muzzle. Even though French bulldogs and English bulldogs share the same shape of head which is square, the difference between them is that the first is much smaller while the latter is that of the normal size for such a breed. The foreheads of French bulldogs are rounder, something that separates it from other dog breeds. Brindle, white and fawn, these are the three varying colors of the hair of French bulldog breeds. In rare occasions, the three colors mentioned above were combines causing a very unique and very rare breed of French bulldog. Most of the time, the eyes of French bulldogs are actually big and dark. One of the many reasons why French Bulldogs are very popular, most especially in this modern day and time is due to the fact that they are great companions hence, making them a great choice for dog lover and dog owners. Aside from that, French bulldogs are also known for not only playful and sweet little piece of furball, they are also known for being the kind of dogs that you would surely love to have due to their fluffiness, their love for goofing off as well as their very funny personalities.Lessons Learned from Years with Breeders

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