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All about NFL and the San Diego/LA Chargers

The NFL existed as early as 1920s in America but this is not the same NFL that people have now. When the original NFL merged with its rival league, the AFL, the new NFL was formed, and this is the league that we now have. What this merger brought into being is one of the greatest sports leagues in the world, and here, each original league make up one division of the new NFL. Each division plays until there is a division champion and these two champions face each other in the game referred to as the Super Bowl. From the start, Super Bowl games have consistently been the most viewed sports event in television every year.

The two NFL division s are further broken down. With this small division structure, a strong playoff structure is allowed, and it also creates great divisional rivalries which help a lot in boosting ticket sales and TV viewership. The NFC and the AFC are the two divisions. The subdivisions for each are broken down into North, South, East, and West sub-divisions.

The NFL schedule season is created so that the teams play the most divisional games. There are more games played within the overall division they belong to, either the AFC or the NFC. There are also a few cross divisional games played each season. Season after season, there are exciting new mist of games for everyone’s favorite teams to play. The popularity of the games are due in most part to popular rivalries like the Chargers/Raiders rivalry in the AFC West, the Cowboys, redskin in the NFC east or the AFC championship rivalry that emerged in this decade between the Colts and the Patriots.

The San Diego (now LA) Chargers came into football in 1960 as a member of the America Football League. Some of their great players over the years include Ladainian Tomlinson, Charlie Joiner, Marion Butts, Dan Fouts, Philip Rivers, and Lance Alworth. This team has put together some great years and experienced a great deal of success.

Here are some Chargers facts that you might not have known.

From 1979 through 1981, at a time when no quarterback in history had put together back to back 4000 yard passing seasons, Chargers great Dan Fouts strung together three straight 4000 yard seasons.

This team played using the name Los Angles Chargers during their first year in professional football. In the year 1961, the team relocated to San Diego. for the current season (2017), a return of the Chargers to Los Angeles was announced.

In 1992, the Chargers were the first NFL team to start the season 0-4 and still make the playoffs.

The last player left in the NFL who had also played in the AFL was Charlie Joiner, the Chargers great who retired in 1986.