3 Reasons to Invest in Fold Down Windshields for Your Golf Carts

If you’re in charge of a fleet of golf carts for a golf course, country club, warehouse, campus or other facility, you likely have enough on your plate keeping the carts up and running and in prime condition. However, it’s worth investing in replacement fold down windshields whether or not your carts currently have windshields. Order your replacement parts in bulk online and not only will you always have the parts you need on hand, you’ll save a lot of money.

The Weather

Visit Blockbuster Golf Cars Inc. online to see the variety of fold down windshields available to protect your golf cart drivers and passengers. The number one reason to consider adding windshields is the weather. People rely on golf carts during the rain and even sometimes during the snow if the carts aren’t used for golfing exclusively. Stay dryer and more comfortable behind the shield. When the weather is clement, your drivers simply fold the windshield up out of the way—or if the driver is about to drive past people using hoses to clean, for example, he need only slow down enough to safely lower the shield and then be on his way.


Because the shield can also have shading properties, your drivers can also pull it down when driving toward the sun. This makes operating a cart in the sunlight far safer for your drivers, passengers and pedestrians in the area. Even if your drivers largely operate the carts indoors, don’t underestimate the power of the sunlight streaming in from windows and skylights. Blocking the driver from the worst of rain and snow will also ensure better vision when the weather is bad.

Insects and Animals

When operating a golf cart outdoors, especially on a green, your driver and passengers risk getting faces full of bugs, especially if they drive at more than a snail’s pace. Even small animals like birds or squirrels and chipmunks might jump up or swoop down in front of the cart and interfere with operation if not blocked by a shield.
A windshield makes it easier and safer to operate a golf cart. Installing fold down windshields even on carts that never before had windshields is easier than you might expect. You won’t have to send the carts out to professionals to get the job done. These windshields are so convenient, your on-site staff will be able to set them up in a matter of minutes.