We Needed to Find Our Own Place

I was really looking forward to moving. I had been living with my mother-in-law for too long, but there was really nothing my husband and I could have done about it. The house we had been living in had caught on fire, and we were living with her until the renovations could be done on it. The only thing is, that never happened. The insurance company deemed it a total loss eventually, and we had to find a new home instead of temporarily living with his mom. I did a search for apartments for rent in Salt Lake City.

It is not that I didn’t love my mother-in-law, because I do very much. However, loving her and living with her are two different things. My husband will always be her little boy, and I just cannot see him that way. I needed my own place, and my husband agreed that it was time. I looked at a few different complexes, and I really liked Northgate apartments the best. The nice thing about them is they are so central to everything we would need. There are shops and restaurants right in front of the complex, and it is also pretty close to where we both work.

I was happy that it did not have some of the things that typical apartment complexes have, because I knew that those things just increase the rental price. I did not want to pay for something that we were not going to use. With this apartment, we are using everything that we get, including the underground parking garage. We will eventually rebuild one day, but right now we are both happy where we are even though we never considered apartment living before. Truth be told, I think my mother-in-law is happy to have her house back just for herself too!