WINDSURFING Tips and Tricks

Windsurfing, as the name suggests,has great similarities with surfing. But it is not just similar to surfing, but also more like boating. This is a water activity. Windsurfing is said to follow the rules of both, the culture of surfing, but it also follows the rules and regulations of sailing. However, it must not be confused with both these activities as it is performed in a different way. This different way minimizes the in comparison to these two.
This is a kind of activity which can not be called as a competitive one. People do not perform it in competitions due to several reasons but in some parts of the world, it surely is practiced for the tournaments.
The person who takes part in the activity, is recognised by the size of his board. Some are known as ‘’small boarders’’ and some might be known as ‘’longboarders’’. The standard is three metres. The boards with length less than three metres are known as shortboards and vice versa.
In addition to this, there are many types of boards as well. For instance, there exist, beginner boards for the starters or the beginners who are not well aware with the activity and still need practice. There are racing boards and freestyle boards for performing a number of freestyles and a number of tactics. There is also a tandem board. The most well known or famous tandem board at the moment, is Starboard Gemeni, but not the first model, nowadays the most famous is the second model.
So they have different types according to the way you want to carry this activity out.